Ming's Steamboat

Ming's Steamboat is located near Chinatown.  This restaurant not only allows you to have steamboat, which is a hot pot where you order dishes and you cook yourself in a hot broth of your choice, but also order dishes to share. 

This time we decided to order from the alacarte menu.  The dishes were ordinary, nothing really stood out.  The skin on the beancurd was supposed to be crunchy, but it wasn't.  The fried pork hock was quite tasty but the presentation was not that great.  However the spinach with century year old egg was worth a mention.  That was quite delicious.  

Spinach with century year old egg was quite tasty

Seafood claypot had a lot of seafood in it, but my definition of seafood claypot is food cooked inside the claypot, to my disappointment the claypot was cold, it seemed like the seafood was cooked on a separate pot and then transferred to the claypot, therefore the meaning of seafood claypot does not exist.  Dishes were ordinary but of a higher standard especially around Chinatown.


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Visit Ming's Steamboat - 301 Morphett Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 8410 0188