Samurai Teppanyaki House

Japanese is my favourite cuisine, but there are not very many Japanese restaurants in Adelaide.  This is one of the ones that stood out from my list of favourite Japanese restaurants.  We stumbled across the restaurant one afternoon as we were walking down the parade in Norwood.  We thought we would give it a go.  Lucky we did.  I never thought that something like this could compare to Shiki restaurant (Shiki is another teppanyaki restaurant inside The Intercontinental hotel).  

Samurai Teppanyaki House is quite small.  There are two teppanyaki in an L shape, and a few tables around the sides.  If you don't want to be disappointed, be sure to make a booking.  

When we talk about Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, everyone must think, it's going to cost a bomb.  Well definitely not this one, read on and you will find out why.


We started off with a pot of green tea, normally at a lot of Japanese restaurants, green tea are always charged per cup or per person.  This pot was so big that it was more than enough to share between four people.  After refilling, it was enough to last us the whole night.

Local fresh ingredients, all reasonably priced!

We ordered the banquets, there were a few to choose from.  We decided to go for the samurai classic banquets, which was an appertiser or salad, a main, it came with steamed rice and miso soup.   Surprisingly cheap, it was $29 a banquet.  For appertisers, we had the yakitori chicken and tempura.  The chicken was very tender, and the sauce on it was just right.  The batter on the tempura was thin, which made the things inside very tasty.

Next was the moreton bay bugs and the waygu beef.  They were both awesome, we had a chat with one of the owners there, he said this restaurant is opened by two ex Shiki chefs, Samurai Temppanyaki House use all SA products, they do not import.  They use grade seven waygu beef but Shiki uses grade three and charge more than three times the price.  

The owner has no plans to extend this restaurant at this point in time, he says the restaurant is small contained to maintain the top standards.  I say why pay triple the price to have something in a five star hotel, when you can have the same or better for more than half the price?  I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Japanese Teppanyaki.

This restaurant gets 5 out of 5 daisies for sure.


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