Le Carpe Diem Creperie

As soon as I heard French Creperie, my eyes lit up.  Ever since we went to Paris, I fell in love with all the delicious French bakeries over there, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, galette, chouquette, mille-feuille, profiteroles and of course crepes.  The list can go on and on.  

Located on Grenfell Street near the east end of our Adelaide CBD was this new creperie, Le Carpe Diem - 'seize the day'.  As we stood outside, there was a big glass window where you could look into the cafe, and that was what I liked about it.  You didn't need to go inside to see what it was. Just by looking on the outside made you want to enter into this cafe.  I loved the interior design of this cafe, lovely wall paper, paintings, flowers, different furnitures and seats with the comfortable cushions near the window.  It really felt like we were in Paris again. 

Authentic French Creperie - Yummy pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, galette and the list went on!!


The owners were very friendly and of course they were French.  We tried this cafe on the second day of their opening, and she said she was still trying to organise everything together, but it was absolutely fine.   We had a nice chat about the coffee that they use, as she was always concerned about the quality of coffee that are served in cafes, she said her cafe must have good coffee.  She told me that they used barun coffee, and believed that barun coffee present a selection of beans which in turn produce coffee of the highest quality. 

There were a lot of items to choose from the menu, of course there were proper french names and with an explanation in English.  They offered $6.50 opening specials for a juice and croissant which were a very good price.  There were savoury and sweet crepes, all freshly made to order.  I decided to have my favourite pain au chocolat and crepe.  I had the banana and nutella crepe and that was very delicious.  Croissant was very nice and not over priced either.  I was very tempted to buy a few for take away.  

As we were enjoying our croissant and crepe, the owner came to talk to us again, she taught us how to drink the cider with the savoury croissant, apparently it was very common in France to have cidar for breakfast.  We will certainly go back and try some more.  

This creperie opens at 7:30am to every morning and offers breakfasts, lunch and desserts, I highly recommend this place and be sure to pop by before or after work, or if you would like to have a snack, crepe to go, it is definitely worth it.   Superb service with a wide range of French patisserie, I rate this 5 out of 5 daisies.  We will be back very soon.  Merci beaucoup!!

**Update: 28/05/13 I have just got word that the opening hours are as follows and they have a phone number:  (08) 81237488

Monday closed

Tuesday-Friday 7:30-17:00

Saturday 8:00-15:00

Sunday 9:00-15:00



Visit Le Carpe Diem Creperie - 230-232 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 81237488

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