On Sunday, we thought we would try out the new Rundle Place for lunch,  food court on lower ground was our only choice.  It was called food court 77 and Warong was located on the right side if you were coming down the stairs from the main entrance of Rundle Place.  All staff there were so friendly, especially the guy who was standing infront of the register, he was always smiling, gladly introduce all the dishes available, very polite.  Food was very reasonably priced and the menu was fairly simple, most dishes were made to order.  Noodle dishes were served in basket, reassembling street food.  We tried char kuai teow and also the hainanese chicken rice, only five minutes wait for the food.  I am always a bit worried eating char kuai teow, as I am always scared that the dish would be too oily.  This one suited my taste.  Hainanese chicken rice was good, but I thought there could have been more chicken to the dish.  Being Malaysian food, I would have like to see some hot beverages being served, like Teh tarik.  Coconut waster was refreshing.  Overall a pleasant experience, and will return when I visit Rundle Place again.


Visit Warong - Rundle Place, Lower Ground-9, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 82237697

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