Corner Store Cafe

We stumbled across this cafe whilst we were running.  Situated on the corner of a quiet suburban street in Dulwich was this beautiful cafe.  The first time we went there, we were offered a table in the back area outside, like an outdoor garden.  We could hear the birds chirping, and every now and then we would hear a car go by.  The ambience was relaxing. There are  tables inside if you wish. It is not a big cafe, therefore I recommend booking beforehand, especially on weekends to prevent disappointments.

A hidden gem in a leafy suburb!!

The mint and avocado spread was so fresh, on top of the sourdough.  It was the best combination you could have.  Eggs benedict was simple and tasted absolutely delicious.  Poached eggs were done to perfection and the bacon was very fresh.  The waffle was crunchy and the mascarpone cheese not only looked great, but tasted awesome. Haloumi cheese in the vego breakfast was also very tasty.  The ingredients were so fresh, all the staff here are very friendly, hence we have been back a few times.  Thumbs up to this cafe and certainly deserves 5 out of 5 daisies.  


Visit Corner Store Cafe - 23 Swift Avenue, Dulwich, SA 5065, (08) 8333 1237

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