Tongue Thai'd

A Thai boutique restaurant which we have been wanting to try for a while.

Tasty Thai fish cakes

Located on Henley Beach Road was this restaurant, with limited parking spaces in front, and carpark, it was easier to park on the side streets. When we first walked inside, there was a wow feeling, decorations around the restaurant certainly gave us good impressions. There was a slightly brighter area to the right of the restaurant, as we walked in further, the lights were much dimmer. 

We ordered our food and drinks not long after we sat down, the drinks took a while to arrive at our table. Fish cakes were very tasty, in fact they were a lot better than some Thai restaurants. However the Tom Kha Prawn and Vegetable soups were not so impressive, they were a little sweet and had spring onions in them. We also tried the signature dish which was eggplant with minced pork, chicken green curry, both main courses arrived almost an hour later. We looked around our tables, almost everyone were waiting for their food. On top of all that, there were spring onions in every dish, too bad if you were allergic to spring onions. I didn't think it was necessary to put in every single dish. 

Although the food was presented nicely and ambience was great, they did not deliver food in a timely fashion. Overall, the food was very sweet, too much sugar was put into their food for my taste.


Visit Tongue Thai'd - 52-54 Henley Beach Road, Mile End SA 5031, (08) 8234 6884

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