Quails with pine nuts 

This restaurant is located in Chinatown, in fact in one of the best spots in Chinatown, directly outside the food courts. Always full of people, especially on a Friday night where it is Market day. We have been to this restaurant a few times now, and every time the standards have been inconsistent.

This time we went on a Friday night, it was very busy however the food did not take long to arrive at our table. The hot and sour soup was so chili that it was hardly edible. I had so many hot and sour soups before and everywhere was different. This one was by far the worst one. It was so chili that it was burning the upper jaw. Oyster omelette was substandard, a few years back when we had this, you could actually taste the oysters, but this time it was more flour than anything. Not to mention the mushroom and vermicelli hot pot, there was hardly any ingredients in the pot, the bean curd in it was off. The quails with pine nuts was worth a mention, that was very nice. 


Sorry to say, but this restaurant only deserves two daisies.


Visit T-Chow - 68 Moonta Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 8410 1413

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