Avila Coffee

Winter has arrived, it was wet and cold this morning.  We were walking towards the city centre and decided to stop by for breakfast.  There were not very many tables, the corner tables were very dark inside so we decided to sit closer to the entrance.  The coffee smelt so good.  Staff members were very friendly. 

A gem for coffee

Coffee was awesome, tasted very good and certainly warmed our tummies very quickly.  


As we were waiting for the food to arrive at our table, we noticed that the toilet was at the back of the restaurant, throughout our course of breakfast, many people walked in and out of the toilet, it seemed like it was a public toilet for everyone, not just for diners.

Eggs benedict was ok only, the presentation on the open salmon was good but the salmon didn't taste that fresh.  I thought the green eggs and ham with sour dough could have had a little more pesto on them.  Eggs and bacon on toast was ordinary.  The toasted bread with all the breakfasts were quite hard.  I didn't think the bread was fresh enough.

I would recommend this place for coffee, as the coffee was outstanding but the food was only average.


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