Onyx Dessert Lounge

I like this cos you can't get anything like this here. I commend them for bringing something new and classy to Adelaide. You can't miss this place as it is located on the top end of O'connell Street, near Piccadily cinemas, right in the middle of a busy street. The ambience was confusing, it was part dessert bar, part cocktail bar, then there was a  separate area near the back with fancy curtains, perhaps if you wanted something romantic or a private function.

A must try

Menus were on tablets which was a good idea as it was quite dark in here. Staff were very friendly, very well presented. Lychee martini had great presentation, but I had better Lychee martinis else where. There were savoury foods on the menu, so the name dessert lounge didn't quite fit. Tuna sashimi had too many ingredients on them, sashimi had too much interference, too many ingredients were on the plate and that took out the natural flavours of the tuna. Cocktails were ok, and the cheesecake had too many flavours to it. Probably better sticking with the classic cocktails and desserts. This place certainly has potential. Overall a pleasant experience.

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