Imperial Peking Restaurant

The service for the restaurant was very bad, and the food was not good enough to make up the lack I service. We arrived pretty early and there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. The food came out one dish by one dish until all of a sudden there were people coming in, we still had 4 dishes left to go and after 45 minutes later we still did not receive the rest of the dishes. We approached a waiter and he said look at how busy the restaurant is, and we said we came here and ordered everything well before the orders came, he then said we had lots of take away. Now how was that our problem?

Just rude

If you couldn't cope with take away and alacarte at the same time, your restaurant has problems. He walked into the kitchen and came out, did not even apologize! Yet the food still did not come out. The service here was so bad, but food was ok.

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