Gas Eatery & Supplies - Melbourne

Not too far from the South Melbourne market was this little cafe. It was very stuffy inside, so we sat outside. Before we even sat down the waitress asked what coffees we wanted,  there were 5 of us and the tables were set for 4 people, she would not let us sit down before she took our orders. The cafe was not busy at the time. Instead of trying to look for another table for us, she just said 'oh you can pull up the chair so 5 of you can sit down'.

Rude staff

Scrambled eggs with spinach and fetta was ordinary. The middle eastern eggs were nice, but found it a little salty and serving them big thick chopping boards were definitely wrong, disaster waiting to happen. If you can't carry two chopping boards with food on them at the same time, don't!!! This waitress was struggling to carry both chopping boards with the baked eggs on top. She just stood there, if we didn't help her she would probably drop them. She was very rude, did not even thank us. In fact there were two rude waitresses there, when one was clearing our plates, we helped her as she could not carry 2 chopping boards at the same time, she did not even offer to thank us. When it was time to pay, we walked inside and she just gave us the bill and there was no thank you at all. The two guys who worked there were lovely though. These two ladies need to improve their customer service if they want happy customers. Overall the food was average.


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