Coda Bar & Restaurant - Melbourne

Food was a mixture of Vietnamese, French, European and Japanese.

You cannot book this place, it is always packed. On a Friday night, after waiting for almost two hours, a table was ready for us. The ambience was superb. Too many choices to choose from, so the chef decided to put together a menu for all of us to share. Large range of French wines to choose from, but on a higher price range.

Char siu pork bun with pickled vegetables were very tasty, with the chili jam was the perfect match. Buffalo mozzarella, zucchini fritters, mint and pea salad were interesting combinations. Lamb cutlets were cooked to perfection.  Souffle was nice and fluffy. Great presentation on the ice cream sandwich, a nice way to finish off the meal. The individual dishes tasted great on their own but not sure when you put all of them together, I think better off sticking with one cuisine or two... however it is still worth a try.

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