Ky Chow Chinese Restaurant

The service at this place was ridiculous! We ordered the food and told the girl we did not want spring onions in anything. She did not acknowledge and of course did not write it down on her orders. She didn't understand what spring onions were, so we spoke in Chinese and she still didn't write it down, at the end she repeated our orders and didn't mention about no spring onions. We stressed again and she said ok, I then asked her if she knew what spring onions were and she said yes. We let this go... And to our surprise the jellyfish came out with spring onions all through it, we let that one go. Next dish which was salt and pepper pork, that had spring onions all over the dish. One of us was super allergic to spring onions, so we asked the same girl who took our orders why. She didn't apologize and took the dish straight back into kitchen. Moments later, the salt and pepper pork came out again, we asked another lady, not sure if she was the manager. We asked if that was freshly made, instead of just picking the spring onions off. She said yes she watched the chef cooked and its definitely made fresh again. Before we ate we checked the dish and found spring onions on one. If a dish was freshly made and we specifically asked for no spring onions how can there be spring onions in this dish again? We asked the same lady she quickly took the dish back and said oops left one... What da?? She never came back to apologize! That was just rude. We cancelled this dish.

Bad service

Don't waste your time, there are so many better Chinese restaurants with better food and better service.

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