Lemongrass Thai Bistro

This Thai restaurant is located one of the busiest streets in Adelaide, right in the middle of town.  Yes it's close to the East End of Rundle Street.  It is surrounded by many good restaurants.  A group of four decided to dine there.  It was convenient and was also in the entertainment book.  We made a booking beforehand knowing the cricket was on, and lucky we did as almost all the restaurants on Rundle Street were full of people.  We were seated down by a staff member near the front of the entrance.  

I thought that the wine was definitely at the higher price end, but I understand that because it is on Rundle Street and everything had to be a little more expensive to make up for other costs.  We were willing to pay the price so we ordered one of our favourite bottle's, that was Zema Estate.  We had a quick scroll down of the A3 page menu and it didn't take long before we decided what to order. 

We did not see the specials board and ordered straight from the menu.  I always love some good Mun Pla which was Thai fish cakes.  We asked for one extra one as there were four of us.  They were tasty but I would have liked to taste of of the fish.  

Once we ordered, I realised that the specials were above my head.  Something caught our eyes and that was the salt and pepper soft shell crab.  I am not sure if that was authentic Thai dish or not, but we ordered it as an entree size.  I mean literally it was one crab.  The batter was not made so well, and in fact it was one of the worst soft shell crab I have ever had.  

The pandan chicken wrapped around with leaves were worth a mention.  The meat was tasty and the herbs on the chicken made the dish a delightful one to eat. 

The waiting time between each dish was a little too long, as two of us had to wait 5 minutes before the dishes came to our table.

One of us ordered a Laksa. It was seafood Laksa.  It smelt delicious and looked great.  The red colour came from the extra chilli that he asked to put in.  The comment was that for the price he paid, it just wasn't big enough. 

Seafood Laksa

Seafood Laksa

Next was the Pad Thai.  I had high expectations of Pad Thai, sounds like a simple to dish but requires a lot of attention.   What happened to the peanuts?  All I could see was a blob of noodles stuck together with chicken bits, may be with a little bean sprouts and eggs. I could see and taste the tomato sauce all right.  Half way through the meal the noodles were stuck together.  To me, this dish lacked a lot of ingredients that I had expected. 

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Next were the two beef dishes, they were called Rundle Street with beef and lemongrass  with beef.  Both to me looked almost identical, with Rundle Street one having more chilli and a couple more mushrooms with the lemongrass one.  They were both very tasty and was certainly yummy with the steamed rice. 

Yeah, I am not sure about this restaurant.  The service and atmosphere were great, with the modern decor inside in a convenient location, certainly a good spot to go.  Maybe this is the place to go for someone who hasn't been exposed to Thai food ever.  It would be a great start here.  For me I thought it was very average and certainly still has a lot of room for improvement. 


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