Many friends have told me about this restaurant, and I have had mixed reviews from different people.  I decided to go and try it out myself.  On a week night we decided to go there for dinner, it was really a last minute thing so we thought we better make a booking.  We were lucky enough to get a table.   A few minutes away from the beach was this bright orange sign at the front so you can't miss it.  Parking can be located on the road or if you turn down the side street, there are also plenty of parks.  The restaurant was not too big, seating was probably maximum 30 people.  The interior decor was stylish and there were mirrors on the wall.  We were welcomed by a friendly staff member.  Their service throughout the night was exceptionally good. 


If you want a romantic dinner, this may not be the place to go.  It got noisy very quickly, and it wasn't before long that we couldn't hear each other.  There was music playing in the background. 

The menu looked very similar to Tongue Thai'd and knowing the chef was from Tongue Thai'd on the same Henley Beach Road, we were expecting some pretty good authentic Thai food.  We ordered a couple of soups to begin with, one was chicken with coconut milk and one was without coconut milk.  They looked pretty much identical except one had a clearer texture than the other.  There were a few pieces of chicken in it, but that was it.  They were extremely salty, and the more we drank the more thirsty we got.  


Not long after the soup arrived, the fish cakes were served.  They were hot in temperature, and they were super tasty.  It would have been one the best Thai fish cakes I have had in a long time.  We could taste the fish in the fish cake, however there was one little bone in mine.  

The glazed eggplant was hard and overly sweet, the minced chicken didn't complete the dish.  The layer on the outside of eggplant was so sweet that it overpowered the taste of the eggplant.  

Next was the chicken curry, it was very watery and there was nothing special about the dish.  We did order one of the specials from the menu, and that was the crispy pepper pork.  I am not sure where to start for this one, the pork were definitely not crispy, all we could taste was pepper and they were once again extremely salty.  For a moment, I thought we were eating salt and pepper pork.  

Unfortunately we didn't finish the dishes, it seemed such a waste to leave them on the table, therefore we asked for a container for take away.  In the end we had to throw into the bin, because the pork was that salty. 

Apart from the friendly service, I am not sure if I like this restaurant, perhaps my expectation was way too high. 


Visit HypnoTHAIzed - 43 Henley Beach Road, Henley Beach South, SA 5022 - (08) 8355 5195

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