Wave Gourmet Supermarket | Cafe | Bar

We have driven past this cafe on Gilles Street many times, but we were a little confused whether it was a cafe or a supermarket.  We decided to pay a visit and find out.  The front of the cafe said supermarket.  It's not a bad idea to have a supermarket in the middle of Gilles Street surrounded by apartments.   


The interior decor was very modern, and the menus were very basic.  Somewhat slightly different to what the website said.  There were daily specials on the boards, ranging from entrees, mains to sweets.  

There were tapas that were available on the website but not available on the menu.  One of the daily specials was the crispy skinned salmon.  We ordered two but there was only one available.  

Pizza came out on a giant chopping board.  The ingredients were very fresh, as was the foccacia.  We also ordered barramundi fillets.  The presentation was great, it came out just like the fish and chips you get when you're at the beach but better.  I must say the barramundi fillets were very yummy.  We finished that in no time.  There was also salt and pepper squid on order, however the waiter had completely forgotten our order.  By the time we finished, we were too full so we went to cancel the order but to find out that the waiter had never put the order through in the first place.  That was lucky. 

I was the lucky one.  Out of the whole table I was the one who got to try out the daily special.  The crispy skinned salmon was worth it.  The salmon was so fresh and the skin was crispy.  It laid on top of a bed of potatoes and spinach.  It was cooked to my liking. 


If you want to go somewhere for a quick bite, but not too fancy, perhaps you can give this one a try.  For the price and quality of food, I rate this one a four daisies.  One day I will go back and try the sweets. 


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