Grind It

After a long ride down the beach to Glenelg, we were starving.  There were a lot of good reviews so we decided to go in.  A couple of groups were waiting outside and a few couples waiting inside.  It didn't take long before we were taken to a booth.  The cafe itself was quite small, so it was very cosy.  It took a while before we were given menus and again a little more while before someone came to take our orders.  You could make your own sandwiches, baguettes or you can have the simple muesli breakfasts to full on meaty breakfasts.  First up we had macchiato.  The coffee was full bodied.  

The atmosphere was great, only issue with the cafe was that there was probably no noise dampening walls, and it was too loud to hold a proper conversation. 



Next a plate was crostini was brought to our table.  The girl said it was complimentary.  A great way to begin our breakfasts.  Crostini was crunchy and the sliced egg on top was cooked to perfection, topped with some cheese, I was hungry so I put the whole one in my mouth.  It was very tasty.  

Complimentary crostini with cheese and egg

Complimentary crostini with cheese and egg

It took a while before the other breakfasts arrived at our table.  We had the veggie brekkie which consisted of some tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, zucchini fritters, poached eggs and turkish bread.  Zucchini fritters were very tasty.  A let down was that the poached eggs were a little over cooked.  I did not get the oozing of the egg yolk, so that was a little disappointing. 

Then there was the veggie wrap, I wasn't sure what to think of it.  It wasn't as good as it was described on the menu.  It was handmade roti with some veggie fillings in side.  All I can say about that was that it was interesting.  

When the big grind breakfast arrived at our table, we immediately saw that something was missing.  It was the lamb cutlet.  We had to ask for the waitress for it.  Again it took a while before the lamb was brought to our table to make the breakfast complete.  We had already started eating half of it.  The breakfast had lamb cutlet which arrived later, steak, egg on a bed of potatoes along side with turkish bread.  I would have liked the potatoes to be crunchy, but instead they were soggy.   

There was a decent choice over the menu, and the prices were quite reasonable.  Overall it was a pleasant experience, I think I will be back to try the french toast.  


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