Dragon Tea House

Some people asked me if I had been to Dragon Tea House for Yum Cha before, the answer is yes.  I went there within the first week of the restaurant opening.  It is situated in a convenient location, right in the heart of Adelaide CBD.   

The idea of yum cha is the steamed or fried dishes arrive at your table and a group of you can share.  We went on a week day and therefore it wasn't as busy, in fact half the restaurant was empty.  Therefore we got a sheet of paper and had to order what we wanted.  We ordered the normal steamed prawn dumplings, they were not very hot in temperature.  The skin was supposed to be transparent, we went to pick them up with our chopsticks and they all fell apart.  The dim sims were okay only, they were not hot inside.  We asked for dipping sauces for some of the dishes and they were not brought to our table in a timely manner.  We had to ask for them again and again.   

I always order BBQ pork buns at yum cha.  The fillings inside the bun wasn't spectacular, again it wasn't very hot.  The bun itself was sweeter than all that I have had.  Later on, we decided to order some congee, which was chinese porridge.  It almost seemed like they mixed the rice and water together, it was so gluggy.  I wasn't sure why it could be served.  I decided to try something not from the yum cha menu, sweet and sour soup.  There wasn't much in the soup apart from tofu that tasted sweet and sour.  It was a fail.   

A few waitresses didn't understand english, why am I not surprised? She completely missed our orders.  In the end we had to cancel the orders as we waited way too long.


It didn't matter how good the restaurant looked or how great the atmosphere was, the food just didn't do it for me.  It is a pity, because they are situated in a perfect location, if they don't make any improvements I am afraid a lot of customers would just walk away. 


Visit Dragon Tea House - 172 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 87226 6031

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