The Annex Cafe

Want something light and healthy to eat whilst you're down at the beach?  Well look no further than this little cafe.  This cafe is tucked inside a side street, away from the busy Jetty Road.  It is not hard to find, right next to a beauty shop.  We parked our bikes and walked towards the cafe.  It looked dark from the outside but as soon as we walked in it was different.  There were three or four tables outside, and being a sunny Saturday morning, there were people sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.  This is a small cafe, and it was very cosy inside.  However we got a table inside and could spread ourselves out.  

Healthy Vegetarian food!

I think inside could fit about 12-15 people inside.  They had a very simple menu on a chalkboard and a couple of sheets of paper hung up on the wall for the coffees.  There were a couple of items also in the fridge to choose from.  Sometimes the more simple the better.  Well it certainly didn't take long before we made up our mind.  The staff were all very friendly and there was no writing orders down on a piece of paper or on a PDA. Rather she wrote our orders down on the stainless steel board that the cash register was on, and drew a box around it. All the tables on the board looked like the tables in the cafe.  There's definitely no arguement about who ordered what because it's written on the board. 

Can't go wrong with a fresh juice, I loved the fact the a lot of the cafes now serve juice in jars.  Maybe to reinstate the fact that yes it's freshly squeezed.  Well this one certainly was.  It was so fresh that I could taste each ingredient that was in it.  Carrot, watermelon, apple, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger.  It wasn't too sweet either and the after taste was great.  The coffee was good too, except the presentation could have been slightly better, e.g. wiping the chocolate off the plate.   

Fresh avocado is always best to spread on toast and that has always been one of my favourite.  Nine grain chia toast.  Chia is supposed to be healthy, so why not.   Then there was the breakfast burger which looked amazingly good.  It contained rocket, cheese, tomato, pumpkin and hash brown.  Lightly toasted so the bread was chruncy and the filling was warm and very delightful to eat.  

This little cafe is better than it looks.  I recommend it especially if you are a vegetarian.  Next time you are down at the bay why not give this one a go?


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