Louca's Seafood Grill

I love seafood and there is only a handful of seafood restaurants in Adelaide.  Well at least ones that I have been to.  I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time.  Lucky I did as I had an absolutely wonderful time.  The atmosphere was very pleasant and we were welcomed by very friendly staff members.  The restaurant was very cosy and there was not very many tables inside, the weather at night was too cold to sit outside.  As soon as we walked in, we could smell the aroma of some seafood.  

Fresh seafood!!

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The wine list was very simple, and we ordered a couple of glasses of wines.  This is the first restaurant whereby the wines were not served in a wine glass, in fact they were served in normal drinking glasses, it was kind of weird.  The glass that held the red wine was slightly bigger than the one holding the white. 

Mezze starter plate

Mezze starter plate

For entrees, we couldn't decide whether to have the oysters or the squid.  The starter plate was a better idea, there was a bit of everything.  Everything was chargrilled, including prawns, soft shell crab, salt and pepper squid.  The soft shell crab was in a very thin batter and was not oily at all.  They were so tasty and you could taste the freshness of the seafood.  There was smoked salmon on the side and they were all on a bed of fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes.  One of the highlights of this dish was the pita bread.  It was amazing and delightful to eat.  The bread was not soggy, with the dip was the perfect combination.  After the starter plate, I think we were half full.

The specialty at Loucas was the whole fish, but at the time there was only garfish or flounder.  I really felt like snapper as a whole fish, so I steered away to another special which was pasta with a lot of seafood.  The pasta was mouth watering, and the chilli added to the extra flavour.  The soup was very flavoursome. It was one of the best seafood pastas that I have ever had.

Next was the barramundi on some crunchy fries and salad on the side.  The barramundi fillet was sweet, and fell apart upon cutting.  

The servings were very generous, our tummies were too full to fit in any desserts.  We even had enough food left to take home. 

The seafood was on the highly priced end, but this was because it's in a busy city precinct.  If you're out and want to try some decent seafood, Peter and Caroline will be more than welcome to see you at their restaurant Loucas.  I would pay the price and dine there again.  I am yet to try the whole fish. 


Visit Louca's Seafood Grill - 1/242 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8232 6792

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